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Our Portfolio

Bactana Corp


Bactana is a global development stage company at the forefront of identifying and isolating therapeutically significant molecules expressed from commensal anaerobic microbes to deliver safe and effective therapies for pets and to provide sustainable solutions for livestock production.

CoreChain Technologies

With over $750MM in B2B Payments processed to date, CoreChain is the only trust network built for scale and security on enterprise Blockchain to streamline the exchange of B2B Payments funds and transaction data and unlock tied-up working capital.


CytoVeris was founded through the vision that by leveraging advanced optical imaging and artificial intelligence, surgeons will have the ability to visualize cancer when it matters most – in the operating room.


iCleanse protects and supports businesses and employees.  Their chemical-free docking stations are used for high-touch surfaces that require disinfection in germ-sensitive settings. They use UV-C Disinfection to kill infectious pathogens in under 30 seconds with no liquid solutions.



NANOIONIX, LLC has  developed advanced ceramic materials with breakthrough performance, solving some of the world’s most challenging problems in healthcare and energy technology.



The Stemify Platform comes complete with everything you need to drive a successful student journey in STEM teaching and learning. Staff and students can use Stemify to adapt it to meet their unique needs, thanks to the platform’s open software, countless features, and scalable, flexible framework.

Shoreline Biome


Shoreline Biome develops leading microbiome technologies and products to advance microbiome research. Our easy-to-use, cost-effective tools and reagents support end-to-end microbiome analysis.


Torigen is a commercial-stage  biologics company bringing affordable and accessible cancer treatments to veterinarians and the clients they serve. The company has treated nearly 2,000 pets with cancer and is rapidly expanding its product portfolio.

Encapsulate Logo Vertical.png

Encapsulate's BioChip technology grows patient-derived cancer cells ex vivo, and screens them against chemotherapeutic drugs. With this technology oncologist's can choose the most effective chemotherapy drug prior to treatment on an individualized basis. 

Bludot Logo.png 

Bludot empowers local city economic development staff to do more with less, especially in small-mid sized communities where resources are most limited.  Bludot's vision is to create technology that easily connects local businesses to their local community to a better place to elevate the status-quo of local economic development, and show the world what small-mid sized cities and counties can do.

RevMedica Logo.png 

RevMedica is committed to bring life-saving technology
from the laboratory to the operating room.  Driven by experience in the field, the company looks to innovate
in areas that have been stagnant. Its first product in development, a laparoscopic surgical stapler, looks to disrupt the sector by introducing a reusable power module into a disposable sterile body.

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